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Introducing Loop with new Radial Anidolic optics. The next step in advancing the connection between architecture and humanity.

Optic Technology

New Radial Anidolic optics deliver a highly efficacious, precise, axially symmetric lighting distribution in a small scale, transparent optical lens for seamless integration with modern industrial design.

Wide Angle Indirect

Low angle indirect distributions require minimal suspension distances to create uniform, luminous ceiling planes. Suspended luminaires with combined direct and indirect distributions maximize visual comfort as well as the spatial and energy efficiency of the architectural volume.

Radial Anidolic Elements

The first stage of the optical technology utilizes a non-imaging, or Anidolic, radial element to disperse and mix light, eliminating any visible images of the intense LED point source, while ensuring accurate and consistent color.

Precise Extraction

The second stage uses precise extraction elements to emit high performance distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacies.

360° Symmetric Batwing

Radial Anidolic optics deliver a batwing distribution that is symmetrical on all planes around the horizontal axis for optimal visual comfort from all viewing angles and exceptional work plane uniformity.

The balance of design
and performance
without compromise

Alternate the aesthetic experience.

Non-contiguous rows and increased end to end spacing create visual interest.

An optimal balance of design, performance and savings.

Wide row spacing with excellent uniformity saves energy, cost and materials.

Independent UP and DOWN light control.

Fine tune adjustments for optimal presentation and A/V environments.

Break from the rhythm of convention.

Seamlessly integrate multiple elements of shape and scale to create inspired, luminous and comfortable environments.

Designed with humans in mind.

360° Radial Anidolic optics deliver wider spacing, increased visual comfort from all viewing angles, and exceptional work plane uniformity.


Design is the continuous pursuit of perfection.

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A family of luminaires in multiple sizes


Design is the synthesis of shape, scale and function.

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Light connects
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